Saint-Dizier & Vitry-le-François

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the Lac du Der is located less than 15 minutes from the towns of Saint-Dizier and Vitry-le-François. It's quite possible that you'll want to discover them during your stay, and we are here to help you!

Saint-Dizier and Vitry-le-François are both old royal strongholds, surrounded by ramparts to defend the borders of the kingdom of France. They saw many battles, and the recognition king François the 1st!

Saint-Dizier and Vitry-le-François need no excuse for a festival and all seasons have some special event or entertainment happening to encourage a party atmosphere, most often free or at reduced prices.

Saint-Dizier and Vitry-le-François are great places to soak up the Champagne atmosphere, all modern comforts in a traditional setting, with some really beautiful old town streets!

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François 1st gave his name to the city of Vitry-le-François and the gave the inhabitants of Saint-Dizier the nickname 'Bragards!'

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