What to do if it rains

Even when it's raining there's loads to do at the Lac du Der

At the Lac du Der there's always lots to do sheltered from the rain.

Travel back in time with a museum visit, meet the chefs and sommeliers who know their produce and their art - a day out for thge taste buds! A rainy day might even be what you need to encounter a side of the lake you might not have discovered otherwise.

Discovery tours

Learn while being entertained on a boat tour or a guided tour of the many attractions


Timber-framed churches, castles, museums full of anecdotes... A rich and charming heritage to discover!


Our territory is rich of its craftsmen, it is also a good opportunity to meet them!


Rain doesn't stop you from having fun, so why not enjoy it?

You can go downtown to Vitry-le-François or Saint-Dizier to enjoy the cinemas or go shopping, drink hot chocolate or tea in the many cafés.

Discover the Flavours of the Soil

The local producers will be happy to welcome you to share good times discovering their products.

Tasting a glass while visiting a cellar

When it rains, it's always nice to be able to visit a Champagne cellar.

So what could be better than to meet the winemakers on their estate...