The Champagne Route

A sparkling adventure!

The Champagne of the Coteaux Vitryats

The vitryat vineyard is... colours changing with the seasons, winemakers with big hearts and a wine that will dazzle your taste buds

We invite you to discover the Champagne des Coteaux Vitryats, varied landscapes between plains, meadows and vineyard, less than an hour from the Lac du Der.

If you haven't had the opportunity to admire these typical views of our area yet, we suggest you should take the Champagne Tourist Route, which leads through all the most beautiful Champagne-style countryside villages.

Stop at Vitry-en-Perthois and head for the summit of the Mont de Fourche. Well worth the climb.

You can leave your vehicle at the entrance of the path and walk to the top. Although the climb takes some effort, when you arrive at your destination, facing this patchwork mosaic of Champagne country, all the hard work will be instantly forgotten!

The view is amazing, and we have already tested it for you at both dawn and at sunset - some great photography to be had at any time of day.

Be a Grape picker for a day !

Come and meet our passionate winemakers, always happy to welcome you into their homes with a friendly atmosphere. You'll be introduced to the tasting of our Chardonnay wines with their golden colours, a grape known for its finesse and brilliance.

Of course you should always drink in moderation and especially champagne, always best at the right time and with the right people!

Three questions to Romain Prieur

Wine maker in BASSUET

Where does your interest in this line of work come from?

"It's in the family - I have always wanted to work the land of our ancestors and leave the family farm to my descendants. I like to get involved with all stages of champagne making, from planting to harvesting and winemaking, all the way through to marketing My reward is to all the pleasure we give people when they taste our product."

What do you think are the particular strengths of Coteaux Vitryats?

"All the winemakers here know each other through the Champagne and Coteaux Vitryats Promotion Society, and each of the small farms is on a human scale ... The quality of our Chardonnays and Champagnes is beginning to be recognised across the Champagne region. Our vines are planted on south-south-east facing calcareous slopes which allows the water to infiltrate, stopping it from drying out in the drier periods."

Could you suggest a good food/wine pairing for your wines?​

"I recommend a country pumpkin soup with a Blanc de Blancs Champagne"

South of the Lac du Der is the Côte des Bar, home to a large number of winemakers always happy to share their expertise around a glass of champagne.