By bus

For a reasonable, economical and responsible transport budget, the bus is ideal!

From many stations, you can take a bus to Reims, Vitry-le-François or Saint-Dizier.

You can thus reach an intermediate destination, change your mode of transport or make a stopover wherever you wish.

Contact the different bus companies to find out which stations are served:


Bus stop Vitry-Le-François
Canal dock - Near Jean-Bernard Sports Centre
51300 Vitry-le-François

Avenue du Chêne St Amand
Bus stop Marina
Mall of chêne Saint-Amand
52100 Saint-Dizier


Railway station SNCF de Vitry-le François et de Saint-Dizier (Look at the trains page )


Bus stop Reims
Sport Centre
44 Chaussée Bocquaine
51100 Reims

Railway station TGV SNCF Champagne Ardenne
Street of Sacy
51430 Bezannes - Reims

During the summer, shuttle buses are available from Saint-Dizier to drop you off at Lac du Der. Make the most of it!

Take the shuttle