Lac du Der, So close is unusual

Lac du Der, moments of amazement and excitement!
A rural destination to share...
without moderation!

Lac du Der, the sea in Champagne
A unique destination and a chance to explore
one of Europe’s largest lakes

Discover the lake
Lac du Der, Selected by the birds
All the pleasures of exploring nature
to share with family or friends

Discover nature
Thousands of acres of pristine tranquility
Outings au naturel:
Der’s no better source of fresh air for family or friends!

Walks, rides, cycling
Lac du Der, amazing heritage
The unique timbered churches are stunning!
Lac du Der, So close is unusual
A holiday destination close to Paris and its region,
Lorraine, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands

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The Lac du Der area in festive mood. Special events, fairs and festivals provide entertainment for all ages throughout the seasons.

Course à pied : "15ème édition des 10 km"
on 13/05/2017

Course à pied : "15ème édition des 10 km"

Course en semi-nocturne dans les rues du centre ville. 19 H 30 : Animations pour les enfants : course 800m gratuite - sans inscription et sans...

Humour : Issa Doumbia "1ère Consultation"
on 13/05/2017

Humour : Issa Doumbia "1ère Consultation"

A 20 H 30 : Salle Les Fuseaux : Révélé à la télévision par Les Lascars et Nos chers voisins, Issa Doumbia est aujourd'hui un chroniqueur remarqué...

Entrainements de Chiens de Sauvetage Nautique
on 14/05/2017

Entrainements de Chiens de Sauvetage Nautique

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Lac du Der, a destination close by that you can explore just the way you like it

Nature Passion

There's no doubt about it – you love nature, especially the animals that live in it. You're a skilled observer who enjoys seeing animals in their natural habitat. You won't be disappointed at Lac du Der because this is one of the best-known places in France for migratory birds. Thousands of cranes, wild geese, common egrets or crested grebes come here for one of nature's greatest shows. Special-interest outings organised and led by the region's best-informed ornithologists add the finishing touch to the sheer pleasure of discovering something new.

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Our favorite book

Come and watch Birds at Lac du Der all the year

Come and watch Birds at Lac du Der all the year

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