Lac du Der, So close is unusual

Lac du Der, moments of amazement and excitement!
A rural destination to share...
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Lac du Der, the sea in Champagne
A unique destination and a chance to explore
one of Europe’s largest lakes

Discover the lake
Lac du Der, Selected by the birds
All the pleasures of exploring nature
to share with family or friends

Discover nature
Thousands of acres of pristine tranquility
Outings au naturel:
Der’s no better source of fresh air for family or friends!

Walks, rides, cycling
Lac du Der, amazing heritage
The unique timbered churches are stunning!
Lac du Der, So close is unusual
A holiday destination close to Paris and its region,
Lorraine, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands

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The Lac du Der area in festive mood. Special events, fairs and festivals provide entertainment for all ages throughout the seasons.

Régate d'ouverture YCDER
on 02/04/2017

Régate d'ouverture YCDER

Régate organisée par le Yachting Club du Der.

Entraînements de chiens de sauvetage nautique
on 02/04/2017

Entraînements de chiens de sauvetage nautique

38ème édition du Carnaval de Wassy
on 02/04/2017

38ème édition du Carnaval de Wassy

départ à 15h de la cour intérieure de la fonderie GHM (entre Wassy et Brousseval), arrivée vers 18h au parc des promenades.

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Discovery lake

The typical local architecture

The typical local architecture

This is a region of water and clay and its architectural heritage is unique in France. Because building stone was so rare, craftsmen in days gone by looked for another building method, using local resources.
They had the ingenious idea of combining clay with oak since there was so much oak timber available in the region.


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Timbering is the main architectural feature in the Der area. The combination of clay and oak produced the buildings that are typical of the region e.g. houses, barns and dovecotes, as well as churches. Timbered churches...

The 16th-century timbered church and stained glass trail

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For a different look at the Der area, follow the Church Trail. You'll see timbered churches and chapels that are quite unique ! Located in the country districts of Champagne, timbered churches are one of the most...