Lac du Der, So close is unusual

Lac du Der, moments of amazement and excitement!
A holiday destination to share...
without moderation!

Lac du Der, the sea in Champagne
A unique destination and a chance to explore
one of Europe’s largest lakes

Discover the lake
Lac du Der, up close and personal with nature...
Tour the countryside by bike, on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback:
Der’s no better source of fresh air for family or friends!

Walks, rides, cycling
Lac du Der, unleash your love of water sports...
All the thrills of water sports to share...
with family or friends

Discover activities
Lac du Der, amazing heritage
The unique timbered churches are stunning!
Lac du Der, So close is unusual
A holiday destination close to Paris and its region,
Lorraine, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands

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The Lac du Der area in festive mood. Special events, fairs and festivals provide entertainment for all ages throughout the seasons.

Portes Ouvertes au Champagne Bourcier
from 19/05/2018 to 20/05/2018

Portes Ouvertes au Champagne Bourcier

Dégustations, animations, repas...

Régate "Les 24 heures du Der"
from 19/05/2018 to 21/05/2018

Régate "Les 24 heures du Der"

Bateaux Habitables - organisée par le Cercle Nautique des Amis du Der.

on 20/05/2018


Rue du Lac

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All about the birds on the Lac du Der !

Follow regularly throughout the ornithological news of the Lac du Der.

You can be informed directly of cranes arrivals and other migratory birds and rare species present on the lake.

Follow the news of Antoine Cubaixo, Ornithologist Guide

- The blog where you can regularly monitor the most significant bird sightings and more rare on the Lac du Der in finding the birds Newsletter proposed by Antoine Cubaixo.

- By clicking here you have access to the latest observations and here you can view birds videos made on the Lac du Der.

Follow the news of the League for the Protection of Birds Champagne-Ardenne

The flight of cranes on the Lac du Der:

See you soon for new discoveries !