Lac du Der, So close is unusual

Lac du Der, moments of amazement and excitement!
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Lac du Der, the sea in Champagne
A unique destination and a chance to explore
one of Europe’s largest lakes

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Lac du Der, up close and personal with nature...
Tour the countryside by bike, on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback:
Der’s no better source of fresh air for family or friends!

Walks, rides, cycling
Lac du Der, unleash your love of water sports...
All the thrills of water sports to share...
with family or friends

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Lac du Der, amazing heritage
The unique timbered churches are stunning!
Lac du Der, So close is unusual
A holiday destination close to Paris and its region,
Lorraine, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands

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The Lac du Der area in festive mood. Special events, fairs and festivals provide entertainment for all ages throughout the seasons.

Conférence-Concert "En avant la Musique"
on 20/10/2018

Conférence-Concert "En avant la Musique"

15h à la Médiathèque Romain-Rolland

Challenge Pêche au coup
on 21/10/2018

Challenge Pêche au coup

organisé par la Maison des Pêcheurs sur les pontons du port de Giffaumont.

on 21/10/2018


Salle des Fêtes.

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Discovery lake

Nature at its best

Nature at its best

The Der area has more than fields and hedgerows; it also has a vast, 500-hectare area of forest consisting mainly of oak trees. In fact, it is the Celtic name of the ancient tree ("dervos") that has given the Der area its name. The rich natural environment in the Der area also includes the many rivers and lakes in "Wetland" Champagne, so-called by comparison with the other, chalky Champagne, once referred to as "poverty-stricken".

On the shores of the lake, Mother Nature is never idle !
The villages surrounding the lake boast superb parks and gardens.

Hedgerows and meadows

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The Der area is a land of clay soil and vast oak forests. It is also a land of fields and hedgerows, a countryside shaped over the centuries by the local people. There are meadows dotted with apple and pear trees,...

Unspoilt nature

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Over the past few years, Lac du Der and the smaller lakes in Outines Arrigny have been protected and classified as national hunting grounds and wildlife reserves, managed by the national hunting and wildlife authority...

Gardens in the countryside

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The Lac du Der area includes 20 towns and villages awarded between 1 and 4 stars in the national competition for urban flower displays in 2009. An additional delight for those who love colours and fragrances....