Lac du Der, So close is unusual

Lac du Der, moments of amazement and excitement!
A rural destination to share...
without moderation!

Lac du Der, the sea in Champagne
A unique destination and a chance to explore
one of Europe’s largest lakes

Discover the lake
Lac du Der, Selected by the birds
All the pleasures of exploring nature
to share with family or friends

Discover nature
Thousands of acres of pristine tranquility
Outings au naturel:
Der’s no better source of fresh air for family or friends!

Walks, rides, cycling
Lac du Der, amazing heritage
The unique timbered churches are stunning!
Lac du Der, So close is unusual
A holiday destination close to Paris and its region,
Lorraine, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands

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The Lac du Der area in festive mood. Special events, fairs and festivals provide entertainment for all ages throughout the seasons.

Arrivée du Père Noël
on 24/12/2018

Arrivée du Père Noël

A partir de 15h au centre-ville

Suggestion du chef au Casino
from 26/12/2018 to 06/01/2018

Suggestion du chef au Casino

Hors 31 décembre et 1er janvier. Réservation conseillée.

Réveillon du Nouvel an au Casino Joa
on 31/12/2018

Réveillon du Nouvel an au Casino Joa

À 20h30.

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Discovering nature

Discovering nature

Do you love unspoilt environments ? Lac du Der is the ideal place in which to see hundreds of animal species and varieties of plants, a source of wonder for young and old alike.
Make sure you don't miss any of the amazing wildlife by taking your camera with you and, for just a day, becoming a wildlife photographer.

In summer and winter, there is always something unexpected to see at Lac du Der. From the arrival of the large migratory birds to pairs of coots taking up residence on floating nests, go where the will takes you and enjoy a journey of discovery on the shores of the lake.

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